Guest Handbook

Dear Eclipse Friends, 

In two months time we get to experience a moment of awe and wonder together. While each individual will have their own unique experience, as a collective we get to witness the incredible power and beauty of the alignment of our planet, its moon and our amazing sun. For four minutes and twenty-five seconds, we will be witnessing a total solar eclipse, glasses off, temperature dropping, heart in your throat. 

During the Cosmic Eclipse weekend, you are invited to Slow Down. To spend time listening to, interacting with, and enjoying the natural world and playing/resting/exploring together with some amazing people. Expand your curiosity, allow yourself to take a breath, and soak in the beauty of our time together.

We recommend you leave your cell phone in your room. We recommend you take off your smart watch, and we recommend you leave as much of your default life behind you as we do a deep dive into what is possible when you let yourself be brought to your knees in AWE.

I will also be hosting a self-guided, 8-week AWE Class: Eclipse Preparation Journey. Follow @AllSpaceKind on Instagram and turn on notifications for when I go Live on Saturday mornings with the next week’s lesson and challenge. Cosmic Eclipse Guests are also invited to join two Zoom Sessions Sat Feb 24 and Sat March 23 at 10am Pacific.

Thank you!

Please note that this website is live, which means we will continuously update it as we draw nearer to the total solar eclipse. This website will always be linked in our communications and, should you notice anything that elicits questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Table of Contents

Important Pre-Arrival Questionnaire

Please fill out for each guest in attendance. This is required information for our logistics team as well as for our venue.

This, along with the venue release form (coming soon) are due no later than Friday 22 March, 2024.

Event Information

The Cosmic Eclipse Experience is Saturday 6 March through Tuesday 9 March 2024. Camp Waldemar opens at 2pm on Saturday for guest arrival. 

The Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 1:31pm. The totality will last for 4 minutes and 26 seconds!

Travel Recommendations

Recommended Airports:

  • San Antonio (SAT)
  • Dallas (DFW)
  • Austin (AUS)


Recommended Private Airports: 

  • Kerrville 
  • Austin


Private Transportation Requests? 

We are working with Blade to curate private flights and helicopters for our guests. If you are interested in either form of transportation, please contact Luci at [email protected] or 202-709-8468

It is our goal to ensure a smooth experience for each guest. We are happy to help travel plan and provide optimal itineraries based on your preferences. Email the Sempre Space team and we will work with you to create

On-Site Accomodations

Accommodation Type: there are a variety of accommodations offered at Camp Waldemar. You will receive your specific accommodation information from our planning team, including location of the building 


Weekend Programming

The high level programming for the Cosmic Eclipse Experience can be found on our event website (The Schedule).

We will be updating this section with exact timing of talks, classes, and meals. 

The Eclipse: What to Expect

On Monday morning, after breakfast, we will a workshop to prepare us for what will be one of the most amazing moments of our life. 

Guests are then invited to either walk to the top of the hill (~30 minute walk) or take a golf cart/car transportation to our viewing point. Those joining us for the walk are encouraged to make it a meditative journey, which will be led by one of our event leaders. For those requesting a ride to the top of the hill, we will have a few dedicated cars and golf carts taking guests up and will communicate time and pick up locations. 

Once to the top of the hill, we will have lunch and refreshments prior to the eclipse. We will also be providing eclipse glasses for each guest attending and various options for seating.

Our incredible astronomers will bring telescopes and be taking professional photography of the eclipse throughout the experience. So, we encourage you all to keep your cameras in your pockets and be present with the moment. We will make sure everyone gets copies of their professional photography.

Recommended Packing List

  • Water gear [swim suit, water shoes, flotation devices for young children, googles]
  • Sun screen 
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flashlight
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Layers
  • Rain gear, in case of inclement weather. Please note: this is a rain or shine event. All outdoor activities [except the eclipse itself!] have an indoor backup option.

Important Contact Information

For immediate emergencies, please call 911

Point of Contact for Guest Inquiries: Luci Prosapio [[email protected]] or (202) 709-8468

Camp Waldemar Phone Number: (830) 238-4821

Local Police Station: Ingram Police (830) 367-2636

Local Fire Station: Hunt Fire Department (830) 238-4371